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Relax and treat your yoni to some well-deserved care and attention with our Yoni Feminine Soak. We use only all natural ingredients to create this fantastic feminine soak that will soothe and refresh your vagina while you enjoy some restful time in the tub.


This herbal soak is a convenient alternative to a yoni/vaginal steam. The calming yoni soak is made with carefully chosen mild ingredients to help freshen and rebalance the natural flora.


Ingredients include bentonite clay to help modify any odors as well as organic, unpasteurized vinegar, magnesium oil and various botanical elements to help soothe the skin and maintain the natural balance of the vagina.


8.25 ounce reusuable glass bottle

Shake well to distribute ingredients

All natural ingredients


Add 2-3 ounces to your bath tub or sitz bath for at least 20 minutes. 


Do not use this product while pregnant, if you think you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Not recommended for children

Made in United States of America


8" l x 4" w x 8" h

0.5 lb

Yoni Feminine Soak

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