Whispers Feminine Powder is a talc-free alternative to traditional body powder. Made from natural ingredients including arrowroot, kaolin clay, rice powder**, aluminum-free baking soda, lavender powder and pure essential oils, this body powder absorbs moisture and helps you feel fresh and dry. The natural ingredients in Whispers Feminine Powder absorb wetness all day while the essential oils soothe the skin. Since this powder is free from aluminum and talc, you may use it on any part of the body -- including the genital area -- to deal with wetness and add a light scent. It's perfect to use before or after exercising to absorb sweat and odors in your lady parts, armpits, feet or elsewhere! 2 oz * Handy size powder shaker * Use as a feminine powder or regular body powder * Great for absorbing sweat and odor * Lightly scented * Arrowroot powder is plant based and absorbs moisture * Kaolin is a clay mineral that is added to absorb moisture
Made in United States of America

Whispers Talc Free Feminine Powder (rose - lavender)